Adventure Caravan Club Sponsor Info


As a club sponsor you are entitled to advertising space both here on the web and in the club magazine 'The Venturer'. Our website gets approximately one thousand visitors per month, and our magazine has circulation to all of our own members plus several other caravan clubs. It is published monthly. To find out out more on becoming a sponsor, just contact the club.  Our contact details can be found on our club contacts page.


Prices for standard configurations are shown below.

Size Cost Term
Business Card (50x80 mm) approx $100 12 Months
Post Card (140x100 mm) approx $160 12 Months
1/2 Page (200x150 mm) approx $200 12 Months
Custom size POA Negotiable

*All online ads, include a link to your website. They do not include a price for custom artwork. However it does include a similar sized, formatted ad in our monthly magazine.

Prices for artwork, special ads, and other related services, are also available.